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When does the programme starts?

The programme starts on 7th September.

Who is the programme aimed at?



You have successfully completed school and are aiming for a degree in MINT?


You have finished school or vocational training and want to study, and you know that your interest and skills lie in the study area

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (german MINT). But you can't yet decide which subject you want to study? Our university preparation programme is designed to help you find your bearings in the academic STEM field, get to know several subjects and deepen your knowledge so that you can make a solid and safe choice for your future and have an optimal and successful start in university life.


Or you already know which subject you would like to study, but still feel uncertain in some areas? Or was your intended study abroad cancelled due to the pandemic? 


Our program prepares you ideally for the academic professional and linguistic requirements and thus closes the gap between academic knowledge and academic level - the gap is often wider than you might have guessed - as shown by the drop-out rate in STEM courses at universities in Germany and abroad.



In which language are the courses taught?

Due to the importance of English in the scientific and technical professions, most courses are offered in English or - depending on the English level of the participants - more and more programme units are gradually being completed in English. Even if you are planning to study in an English-speaking country, you will benefit greatly from our bilingual programme and teachers from English-speaking countries.

What are the requirements for participation?

To participate in the programme, you must have a completed secondary school education (Abitur, Fachabitur, IB or equivalent qualification qualifying for university studies) or have completed vocational training qualifying you for university studies. We also expect an advanced knowledge of English (self-assessment) at level B1/B2. 

Do I need to speak English at a native speaker level?

No. However, we do expect advanced knowledge of English (self-assessment) at level B1/B2. That is the level you have if you had English until the end of the secondary school, even at Grundkurs level (Leistungskurs is B2/C1).

One of the compulsory modules is an English course that prepares you to give presentations and speeches in English.

Do examinations have to be taken?

The following instruments are used to assess your learning success:

- Assessed tasks

- Laboratory Protocols

- Internship reports and presentation

- Examination

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. If you attended at least 85% of the class. You will also receive a personalised recommendation letter, reflecting your interests and strengths.

Are internships part of the programme?

Yes, as a prospective student you will be prepared for two academic internships (1-2 weeks each) at partner universities or scientific institutes as well as for a company internship (one month, preferably abroad). 

Are there holidays

Yes. The Easter and autumn holidays should be used for internships. Christmas holidays will take place regularly.

How is it ensured that the COVID 19 hygiene regulations are observed?

We have implemented various measures to ensure that the required distances and hygiene are maintained. We inform all students, parents and visitors about the underlying hygiene plan, as we also have to regulate access to our buildings very strictly. 

What if a second "corona wave" comes along?

We are technically prepared for a "second wave" so that we can also prepare you for your studies digitally in an optimal way. Laboratory units and internships will be adjusted accordingly or - if necessary - postponed and made up for.

Any Questions left?

If you have any organizational questions, please call us at this number:

T +49 6171 206 02 70

Do you have questions about the content of our programme? 

Dr. Audrey Schollier (Audrey.schollier@phorms.de) and Dr. Marion Lohrum (Marion.lohrum@phorms.de) will be happy to answer them. 


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